Rukhsana* is a queer software developer and poet who recently moved to Berlin. In this episode, Rukhsana talks about her journey in designing software, coming from South Asia and the particularities of power during the migration process. She talks about how she has managed to take space – both by chance and by the efforts of her family – in the tech field that has been dominated by a narrow section of people. We also discuss if diversity in high positions in the tech space can change things from within or if there are structural conditions that need larger solutions. On poetry, Rukhsana elucidates, “I have grown to see poetry beyond a language; for me poetry has transcended language, so I often feel that I carry poetry with me just walking on the streets, by observing beautiful things, by having lovely conversations, that is also poetic for me. So, for me poetry does not need to be in a language, on a piece of paper, or to be expressed always. But when I feel the need to express, I write. It also gives me the freedom to write when I want to.” 

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the guest.