A conversation with Basma Mostafa - about freedom of press, military violence against journalists and the difficulties of living in exile.

In this episode, we speak with Basma Mostafa, a journalist from Egypt living in exile in Germany. We speak about the role of journalism and the use of digital technologies including social media during and following the Egyptian revolution. We learn about the increasing threats to press freedom and military violence against journalists, lawyers and activists in the country, and hopes of fighting the Egyptian regime from exile. Basma's story is reflective of the struggles faced by exiled diaspora in Germany and what it means to miss 'home' when the home of one's memory and imagination no longer exists. We ask Basma about what different movements can learn from the Egyptian revolution that started more than 13 years ago and if there is potential in building international diasporic movements in Germany.

'Bleibefreiheit' (freedom to stay) mentioned in the episode

More information about Basma Mostafa
Basma Mostafa, is an award-winning Egyptian journalist with over a decade of experience investigating the human rights abuses in Egypt.

Mostafa's fearless reporting has led to her imprisonment 3 times. She is a fellow with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and was nominated for the global True Story Award 2024.

Links to some of her work
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