Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer is a Brooklyn native and a long-term Berlin resident with a background in digital transformation and social entrepreneurship. In this episode, Nakeema shares many insights into decades of experience in the tech sector. Her work spans from years of research in North Africa and the Middle East to operating in the tech sector in New York, Toronto and Boston. In Berlin, she founded “FrauenLoop”, an NGO that trains women-identified persons in computer programming and offers a diverse network for women from all different backgrounds to build a lasting career in tech. Nakeema takes us back to the beginnings of FrauenLoop and elaborates why she started this program. In her work as a decolonial researcher, questions of women and diversity in tech and how to address the marginalization of especially female immigrants and refugees in the tech industry are central. This conversation raises many new questions and informs our very discussions on systems of oppression and digital technologies.

Nakeema Stefflbauer on Twitter: @DocStefflbauer